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Fernando Cobelo

Fernando Cobelo (1988) is a Venezuelan illustrator based in Turin (Italy), known for his clean, defined, essential and sometimes even childish illustrations. Fernando depicts universes full of surreal dreams and vivid nightmares that trigger our thoughts and move our feelings, with naive lines and shapes in which it might be easy finding fragments of ourselves. 


This emotional approach has given Fernando the opportunity to work on a wide variety of  projects, including editorial, advertising, books, storyboarding and murals. In the educational field, Fernando has taught in some high quality Italian institutes and has held different didactic activities in some other international universities in Mexico, India, Russia, China, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Selected clients

Walt Disney Studios / Moleskine / Penguin Random House / Lavazza  / Huawei /

Lonely Planet / Armando Testa / IED / Ryot Studio / Swatch / TIAA / Skillshare /

Nova School of Business and Economics / Fidenza Village / Ediciones Hidroavión /

LUISS  / Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo / EDT / Feel Desain Magazine /

Doctors Without Borders /

Selected exhibitions


"Collaboriamo" (collective exhibition) - BASE - Milan

"Simpol" (collective exhibition) - MRF - Turin

"THIScover" (collective exhibition) - Torino Graphic Days - Turin

"Exillustrato" (collective exhibition) - Forte di Exilles - Exilles

"Aiuola" (personal exhibition) - Palazzo Birago - Turin

"Nascondino" (personal exhibition) - Binario18 Festival - Rome

"Musa" (collective exhibition) - Bacanal - Barcelona

"Il Gigante Timido" (collective exhibition) - ArtGallery 37 - Turin


“Coco”  (collective exhibition) - Colosseo Cinema - Milan

“A natale con Gomma”  (collective exhibition)  - Gomma Festival - Milan

“San Paolo Unconventional Mapping”  (collective exhibition)  -  FSRR, Torino Graphic Days - Turin

“Closeness” (personal exhibition)​ - Lazzaretto di Cagliari, Ghetto degli Ebrei, Casa Fedora 

“Contatto” (collective exhibition)  - Italianism - Farnesina e Università La Sapienza - Rome

“Conscious Dialogues”  (personal exhibition with Nicolò Canova) - Serra Madre - Rome

“The Afterlife” (collective exhibition)  - Milano Design Week - Milan


“Paradox: Inaudite Sincronie” (collective exhibition)  - Paratissima - Turin 

“Phoinix” (collective exhibition)  - Cavallerizza Reale - Turin

“Ordinary young man & woman”  (personal exhibition) - WAVE - Ostia

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