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Fernando Cobelo


The spare, clearly defined lines generate visual metaphors as simple as they are dreamlike. Spontaneous, taut and immediate, Fernando Cobelo's works depict emotional narratives.


A Venezuelan illustrator born in 1988, Fernando lives in Turin, Italy. His works are notable for the close emotional bond they establish with the viewer. The clean, precise and essential lines, sometimes with childlike overtones, create a dreamy universe filled with poetic evocations. The simple and spontaneous stylistic code stimulates creative thoughts capable of embodying a visual narrative that opens out to embrace unexpected, surreal yet everyday encounters.


This clear, taut and empatic approach has enabled Cobelo to work on a broad range of projects for clients ranging from The New York Times, The New Yorker, La Repubblica, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Zanichelli, and ​Penguin / Random House to companies like Google, Disney, Netflix, Sony, Lavazza, Samsung, Barilla, Montblanc, Swatch, Lonely Planet, Kiehl's and all the way to institutions such as the United Nations and UNICEF


His works have been awarded by the Society of Illustrators of New York, the Associazione Autori di Immagini, Communication Arts, the Association of Illustrators of the United Kingdom, American Illustration, among other important illustration bodies.


Written by Claudia Foresti for Interni Magazine.